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Privacy Policy

We collect relevant information during your time of registration.

Below we state how and where we use this information, be assured we do not reveal or share information in any other regards other than in circumstances and relevance mentioned in this particular policy.

The importance of collecting and using this information is to improve the quality of service, this is necessary to understand our clients and based on it to make positive amendments in the gaming experience we give


  • We request for a personal identification number and name to contact you when in need
  • We collect statistical data when you visit and play on our website. The data recorded to check in your log INS and out. This helps to identify the most popular user and who visits us and makes use of our services more.
  • We keep a track of the “IP” Address as a recognition of the log in code
  • Cookies are part of our data collector and we give you a choice to reject cookies which would store in your PC, if you think its relevant and choose to not accept it, you would lose a part of the service provided by us and would not be getting the complete benefit
  • We are associated with third parties and they may receive your information to do a particular process but would not give any other irrelevant or personal details.
  • We give our maximum effort to protect your personal information
  • When you are using our site, third party links may pop up, we clearly state our privacy policy does not apply in those links
  • We do not encourage young children 13 or below to par take in gaming, we are strict about identification before you begin
  • Privacy policy is subject to changes, please verify if you need any clarification

Refer the policies before you accept to terms and conditions.